Anna Plunkett in the Romance Was Born engine room!
Romance Was Born (image by Lisa Lapointe)


Good luck charms, books and a pin board of sketches. The Kuwaii studio is always overrun with all of these! Saturdays give me a chance to be quiet in the studio and gather my thoughts from the week that was.
Kristy Barber (Kuwaii)


My studio for the past few weeks has been a collection of bags and a shoebox, which I take with me up or downstairs depending on whether or not I’m working in the shop. When I am upstairs, I sit at a very little desk, lost in conversations in my head, or playing a film in the background (which actually helps me to concentrate). Downstairs, I listen to music and feel vaguely embarrassed about the clutter on the desk when people pop in. Janette and I have both been doing a bit of hand-sewing at the Milly Sleeping table in recent times, in preparation for the Craft Hatch market tomorrow.
Leah Muddle (Raising Cat People)


I had three of my favourite Dysmorphia rings stolen in Berlin when I was there last month for fashion week. They were among the first pieces I ever made… I’ve been missing them dearly. So here I am polishing one after remaking. It won’t be the same but it feels good to have something fresh on my hands.
Lauren Besser (Maripossa)


Have knitting machine will travel. Today I’m packing up a few things to work on whilst spending a week in the country with Mama Voon.
Wendy Voon


Window ledge table at Liuk. Working on a new collection means using every possible surface in this studio.
Krystal Liu (Liuk the label)


Mucking round in the studio recreating a snippet of my recent show, ‘Romancing the Stone’ at Pieces of Eight with silver cast mineral specimens (these modules will be transformed into necklaces, earrings, rings and cufflinks in my jewellery work) and mineral camouflaged platonic forms in tracing paper with mini human. I am surrounded by hot pink, red, yellow and bronze acrylic triangles today as I work on finishing an edition of 10 bi-colour sci-fi necklaces for Edition X.
Tessa Blazey


A little break from staring at knit samples… flicking through some images from yesterday’s photoshoot for the new Allys Ellen collection!
Allys Phillips (Allys Ellen)


Whilst our timetable is rather organic in that what needs doing first determines flow, there are still patterns to be found upon closer inspection. Sunday is often a day for tasks that need completion.
Sunday is for the tying of rogue loose ends and preparation for the week that lies in wait. Here, in our home-based studio, an edition of our artists’ book,
As inclination directs’, that earlier in the week has been hand-coloured with pencil, scored and folded, is ready for its collaged menagerie. In wait, you can see a koala (Phascolarctos cinereus) to be cut out and a Spotted salamander (Ambystoma maculatum) too. This is the fifth edition of ten, and it is bound for the 2013 Geelong Acquisitive Print Awards to sit in a display case alongside the first of the edition so that you can see both the work’s cover and guts at the one time. Behind this scene, pets lie sleeping, and on the stove in the kitchen, homemade vegetable soup bubbles. This is Sunday and it is quietly glorious.
Gracia Haby and Louise Jennison (Gracia + Louise)


Today is a nice day. I’m preparing for a move to Sydney, but in a
break from that I started playing with some beads and my porcelain
maggots making different combos. This is a rare moment of actual
pure enjoyment. A lot of my day is doing admin or reproducing the
same thing.
Danielle Maugeri (Dani M Designs & goodlyGOLD)